Week of Feb. 2

Homework this week:
Monday- Read 20 minutes, spelling activity #1, 21.1

Tuesday- Read 20 minutes, spelling activity #2, 22.8

Wednesday- Read 20 minutes, spelling activity #3, 23.2

Thursday- Read 20 minutes, practice spelling test, 24.2

Friday- None!

What is going on in class:
Reading- In reading this week, we will be reading more non-fiction stories about animals.  We will be using all this research to do another formal writing project.  This week we will go through all the steps of the writing process, planning, drafting, and editing.  We started a study of adjectives last week.  We will be using the study of adjectives to enhance the writing your child produces the first time. We will be reviewing the r-controlled vowels, or, er. ar.

Math- Math will continue our study of shapes.  We will be decomposing shapes, identifying shapes, and creating patterns.  This week will be about furthering our understanding of shapes by discussing parts of a shape, (corner, sides, angles.) We will also be sorting objects according different attributes. We will test these concepts on Wednesday, then begin our study of length.  We will cover vocabulary like tall, taller, tallest, short, shorter, shortest, big, bigger, biggest.

Science: The space projects were amazing! It has taken a while to get all the projects presented and graded, but it is done! Reading night is Tuesday, and it would be nice to have the projects to display their hard work, and show up coming students the work they have to look forward to.  Projects can start coming home on Wednesday.

Upcoming events:
Tuesday, January 30- 100th day of school
Week of the 29th-Feb. 2- We start a fund raiser for the local soup kitchen. You may send in canned food that would help feed the hungry in our community.  It is a very worthy cause that helps a great deal.
● Now- February 2nd – Pre-sale of yearbook $35 after that it is $40
● Monday, January 29nd – February 2nd – “Soup”er Bowl
● Monday, January 29th – Box Top Collection begins.● Tuesday, January 30th – Reading Night 5:00 pm in Gym
Jan.31- Please send in $3.50 for the Pari planet-dome experience.● Friday February 2nd – “wear a Jersey to school day” if you
bring an item daily to give to the “Soup”er Bowl.
February 5th- Pari planet-dome comes to the school.
● Tuesday, February 13th – Mardi Gras Fundraiser @
Jaime’s, Buy your ticket today!