Updates & Newsletter 12-3-18

Upcoming Dates:
Dec. 5: Midterms/Portfolios Go Home

Dec. 12: Board Meeting

Dec. 19: 11:30 Dismissal

Dec. 20 – Jan 2: Winter Break

Jan. 3: Back to School!
A few things:
Our Ancient Rome Domain Assessment is tomorrow – your child completed a study guide in class and I am attaching the answer sheet to this email – they also brought home a hard copy of the answer sheet. Please help them review for the assessment tomorrow.

Portfolios and midterm grades go home this Wednesday the 5th.  Please review all the contents with your child like we did at the student-led conferences and have a student-led conference at home.  Discuss grades, review MAP goals that we set, encourage excellence in all they do. Please let me know if you need to schedule a conference or if you have concerns that I did not address.

We are scheduling our first field trip for January and I will provide details once that is confirmed.  It’s exciting!
With Winter coming (and winter weather in full swing) please send your child to school prepared for the cold temperatures.  Make sure your child has a winter coat, hat, gloves, scarf, etc. – any items they need to bundle up and keep warm. Whenever it is safe to be outdoors, even in colder temperatures, we will go outside to play for recess and possibly PE.  For example, yesterday, since it “felt like” 30 degrees, we stayed inside for recess. For indoor recess the students still have the opportunity to move around, socialize, and play fun games. Make sure you LABEL all winter items with your child’s name!

On the horizon we have an 11:30 dismissal on December 19th and our Winter Break from December 20th through January 2nd.  We will return to school on January 3rd.

I hope everyone has a fantastic week and please never hesitate to ask me questions, share ideas, or just say “Hello!”  It’s going to be a great week in third grade at Brevard Academy!!
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Spelling Words 12-3-18

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