Greetings Mr. Duncan,

This is Sheila, Grammy to Dasha (2nd grade) and Natalia (6th grade). I am looking forward to attending the Parent-Director Forum this Tuesday. I do apologize for not sending an RSVP before September 21st as I am just now re-reading over the past weeks school info and just now caught this.

I want to also take this time to thank you for the astonishing job you do to oversee not only the academic success of our children but their overall safety as well. The staff equally reflect this love and care as I have personally witnessed it on many occasions during my conversations with various teachers and staff members. I am truly impressed not only by the genuine care and concern of the teachers but also how each one has personally interacted with me. I am so impressed not only with the structure but how each teacher interacts with and leads their classes. I cannot tell you how reassuring it is to know that I can fully entrust Natalia and Dasha into the care of Brevard Academy on a daily basis. Thank you again for all you bring to Brevard Academy.

Feeling Grateful,


Brevard Academy has been everything we had hoped it would be. We are transitioning into a formal school setting after homeschooling our children and we could not have asked for a smoother process or a more supportive faculty. We have been given reassurance at every turn. Our children, Graham (7th grade) and Griffin (3rd grade), wake up excited to go to school and they come home thrilled from their day of learning and new experiences. It is obvious that our children’s learning and development in a safe, character-building environment is truly the staff’s top priority. We could not be more grateful to be a part of this wonderful school.

-Ron and Paula


I could write a book about every staff that we have interaction with at BA. All are amazing!! Positive, friendly, full of knowledge and experience. Our son feels safe and knows people care about him. His self esteem has grown. He’s learning and is accepted for who he is. We’ve been welcomed as a family and tell everyone we know about Brevard Academy.

-Angie and Jan 


Mrs. Best is an incredible woman. She is always willing to help out no matter what she is doing. She has been a wonderful friend, mentor, and leader for my kids from the very beginning. I was very sick last year and she and Mrs. Robin(another wonderful teacher) watched over my kids while I spent 2 months in Mission hospital. I thank God for Mrs. Best she will one day get those wings she deserves.

-Love The Houston Family


Sharon at the front desk was so wonderful to us throughout the entire application process. She went above and beyond to answer all my questions and accommodate extra visits. Mrs. Shackleford has been so incredibly kind and compassionate with not only my kids, but all of the children and parents I have seen her interact with. My son has special needs and she has made an extra effort to make sure his needs are being met. I was extremely anxious about him starting kindergarten and she has made the transition so much easier for our entire family.



Brevard Academy has been so amazing with our two boys since entering Kindergarten. Two boys in the same grade with totally different learning abilities. Having two classes in each grade really helps with them. We know we have made the right decision because each year the teachers have made them each feel so Special. Each one has made my boys feel like family.

This school is top notch!!

-Janice and Tim B


Christian, Caryn and I would like to thank Brevard Academy for accepting Christian to attend the school after being displaced from St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands due to Hurricane Irma which occurred in the beginning of September 2017.

Christian’s experience at Brevard Academy was wonderful! From his academic experience with his fellow students and teachers, to being part of the basketball team and growing his understanding of team spirit, to participating in band and of course all of the kids that he met at school and the close friends that he made, every aspect of the school was great!

We really appreciate all the school did for Christian and hope that 2018 is a fabulous year for Christian and Brevard Academy!

-Thanks again from Christian ,Caryn. and Chris.


After three years of homeschooling our child after a bullying incident in another school, he expressed an interest in returning to school. As parents, I’m sure you can understand how hard bullying is, and how difficult it was to trust school again. Coming to Brevard Academy changed all that for us. From the first meeting with teachers and administration, we knew this school was different. The year has been extraordinary for our child–and for us. The teachers are accessible and responsive by email, and his needs as a child with Autism have been fully met. He’s thriving at Brevard Academy in a way we never dreamt possible.

-Patti D and John P


After extensive research I went with my gut feeling as a parent for what was the best environment for my child. I felt that all the schools provided a quality education but the engagement of the staff at BA was the clincher! They teach with heart as if the children were their children. My daughter is in first grade and I am continually impressed that the teachers take each child at their level and help them achieve the individually tailored goals to meet the achievement goal for the year even if that goal includes material for higher grades! My daughter’s excitement for learning has been cultivated this year and this makes a Mama proud! I enjoy seeing the flourishing girl she has become from the shy child that she was two years ago! Our next child proudly will start Kindergarten in the Fall!

-Jamie R


Three years ago, our family chose Brevard Academy for it’s class schedule and classical curriculum through core knowledge . We had a son entering Kindergarten and we knew he needed a schedule that would allow him to move and be active. We found Brevard Academy offered both recess and physical education along with both a snack and lunch breaks. We are thankful through the Core Knowledge curriculum our children learn Spanish, music, art, and Singapore Math. The class ratios are small, offering both a teacher and assistant teacher to each Kindergarten class. They are also offered many field trips throughout the year. On the first day of Kindergarten, my son jumped in the van and said, “Mom, guess what I get to go back tomorrow!” And he has woken up every school day since then with a sense of enthusiasm for learning. We found this to be true for our younger daughter as well. Our kids have thrived due to their excellent staff. The Brevard Academy community is personal and involves families in the learning process. It has been the right partnership for our family.

-Dawn B.