School Lunch

Lunch Menu for Tuesday, November 12th-15th, 2019

November 12-15 Lunch BA



Students will be able to choose 1 Main Course (Bold Print) and 2 Side Items per meal service.

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On Tuesday, October 22nd, Brevard Academy, in collaboration with Quixotes restaurant,  will be rolling out a pilot lunch program aimed at making the hot lunch option more efficient and easier to use. The need for families to pre-order lunches for the entire month will be replaced with a weekly system with daily options.

Once a parent login is created, and funds are loaded, parents and students will be able to review available lunch options for the coming week, utilizing a preset menu provided by Quixotes restaurant. Daily changes will be possible through 8:30 am the day of lunch service, simply by logging into your account and selecting the desired option. This includes canceling meal service for the day or changing to a substitute meal option.

This new lunch procedure will not only ensure your children are receiving a fresh, hot lunch, but it also will cut down on the amount of waste being produced. Food waste will be reduced, and styrofoam containers and plastic forks will be replaced with reusable trays and utensils, all provided by Quixotes.

Mondays will still be reserved for our very popular “Pizza Monday;” however, Tuesday through Friday, the mock kitchen will be set up outside of the gym. Lunches will be divided into two periods to reduce crowding, and teachers will escort students, who have funds available, to the buffet line for service. Quixotes will issue a new menu bi-weekly, which will be posted above so that you and your children will know what is available each day.

There is a one time set up procedure per family, which is outlined here in the “Foodease Parent Manual” (also posted below). You will need to know which period your child(ren) will be eating and their student ID number. This will all be detailed in a letter coming home and should not take longer than ten minutes to complete.

 Foodease Parent Manual

If you do not have internet access or if you have questions about how to order, please contact Ms. Kingdon at 828.885.2665 ext. 3110.