After School

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After School Program Mission

To meet the after school hours needs of the children and parents in our school community:

By providing a safe, nurturing and fun environment that gives us the opportunity to reinforce and enrich learning, promote social skills and emotional development, build healthy, positive relationships and encourage good citizenship.


Hours:  Monday – Thursday 3pm – 6pm                 Friday 3pm – 5.30pm

After School Rates for 2018/19:

Daily rates: $15/day + $12 per sibling (also applies to students that attend After School due to non or late pickup at the end of the school day, from School run after hour activities or from the Bus stop)

Weekly rates: $40 per week – 1 child, $60 per week – 2 children, $75 per week – 3 or more children

Quarterly Rates: $320 per quarter – 1 child, $480 per quarter- 2 children, $600 per quarter for 3 or more children

(Payment is expected on or before the day or week of attendance. A $10 late payment charge will be incurred for each week a fee goes unpaid).

Contact: Once the school office closes for the afternoon, the After School staff can be reached by calling the school at 828 885-3116


Please be sure to pick up your child before 6pm Monday through Thursday and 5.30pm Fridays. Late pick up will incur a fee of $1 per minute after these times. Alternative after school care will need to be found for those students who are consistently being picked up late.

One side entrance of the school will be designated for after school pick up once the office has closed. Please look out for the signage. As you come into the school there will be a desk outside the Art room telling you where we are in the school, i.e. the gym. Please be sure to sign your child out in the notebook provided and ensure you let a member of the After School staff know you are taking your child home.

Please let us know in advance if someone other than an already designated adult i.e. a named adult on your signed, child’s registration form, will be picking them up. If we do not know the ‘pick up’ party we will not be able to release your child until we have contacted you. Please make sure any person picking up your child has photo I.D with them, until they get known at the school.

A small snack will be provided for each child during the afternoon. While we make every effort to provide for certain dietary requirements, it is not always possible. We therefore ask parents whose child has a medically diagnosed allergy if they would provide a suitable snack for their child. We are more than happy to keep a snack supply for you here at school.

All students are expected to behave in an appropriate and respectful way to others at all times. Should it become necessary for us to contact you to pick up your child early on more than 2 occasions because of inappropriate conduct, we will ask you to find alternative After School care.

If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at or the school office.

After School Testimonials

My kids have been going to after school since it began and they love it! If I pick them up earlier than expected, they’re always disappointed. They love the friends they get to make from different grades, the games they play, and all the fun legos there are to build with. As a mom, I love that their homework is almost always completely finished when I pick them up and that they’ve had a snack.
Ms. Hackett is always so present and available to the kids. She notices when my kids have an “off” day and while she doesn’t allow any nonsense or disrespect, she meets them where they are and is a compassionate presence, even when they are being difficult. All the other staff that have been there follow her lead and do a wonderful job of encouraging and motivating my kids.
I’m so grateful for this program at Brevard Academy. It makes my days simpler and my kids happier.
-Jennie B.

After-school has been a godsend for us, as we can rarely get to the Academy by 3:00, and it’s great not to have to transport our child from one place to another in the middle of a workday. I appreciate that snacks are provided and that kids have both an opportunity to exercise and time and space to complete homework. I also appreciate that all age levels are together: this has been invaluable social experience for my son, who is an only child. The teachers are loving and responsible, and my son has really enjoyed playing games and building Lego structures with new friends.
– Kathryn G.

My daughter is in first has attended the after school program since it began last year. Her favorite part about the after school program is that she gets to know children that are not in her class or in her grade. She has made several friends through this program and looks forward to seeing them each day after school. As a parent, I appreciate and recommend the after school program because I know my daughter is in a familiar, safe, and caring environment, she gets a head start on homework, and she has free time outside or in the gym.
-Ashley G.