Start of the year

Greetings families!

I look forward to a great year. My name is Jenny Geer-Hardwick. It is my ultimate goal for your child to grow to love learning. When they learn how much amazing information is out there, they will become lifelong learners. Teaching keeps me pretty busy but I manage to have a life outside of school too. In my spare time I like running, painting, reading, noticing the natural world, and playing soccer. I so look forward to getting to know my new class, and learning all of their special interest.

Summer Enrichment ideas-

Read aloud to your child for 20 minutes a day. If you already do this try switching from fiction to non-fiction.

Go to museums, parks, libraries, and visit nature!

Make a list with your kid in the car. Can you think of 10 vegetables, 10 sports, 10 books, etc.  You would be amazed at how important it is to learn how things are connected.

Math- Counting is vital! If your child is able to add their numbers mentally (no fingers) through ten that would be amazing.