Sept. 4th-7th

Homework this week:

Monday 9/3-No school- Enjoy time with your family!

Tuesday 9/4-Read for 20 minutes, 11.3

Wednesday 9/5-Read for 20 minutes, Math Worksheet

Thursday 8/30- Read for 20 minutes, 13.3

What’s going on in class:

Reading- Assessments are done! We will use all the data from these tests to help direct our instruction. This week, we will continue to review sounds learned in kindergarten, but to step thing up a bit, we will begin learning that two letters can come together to make one sound. For example: “ss” just makes the /s/ sound. You don’t say, “dress-s.” When two letters come together to make one sound, it is called a digraph. We will learn “ss,” “ff,” and “zz.” We are also in need of putting sounds in order. If you are looking for things to do at home, see if your child can put letters in order from left to right. Then change one sound at a time to make a new word. This is called “chaining.”

Math- We use a program called, “Singapore Math.” It is sometimes seemingly unusual, but I have seen how this math can be taken to very high levels of in-depth study. This week we will be working on something called, “number bonds.” It helps the child learn the relationship between numbers. So we are learning how two parts come together to create a whole. (Also known as adding). In other words if I have 4 of something, and put 6 more with it, I have 10 in the end. By the same measure, if I have 10 of something to start, then take 6 away, I have 4 left.

Science- This week we begin our study of the body systems. Stories will be told from the perspective of a doctor called, “Dr. Wellbody,” who will explain four body systems. We start with the skeletal, muscular, and nervous system. Also, we will be going to the farm this week to learn about animals and how they help the world!

Important Events:

Monday- Sept 3- No school

Tuesday- Sept. 4th- Reward earned! The kids have worked very hard and picked a reward of “bring a stuffed animal to school.” In order to make sure we have enough room in the class, please keep stuffed animals to a reasonable size. I asked the kids to measure from their fingertips to their elbow to give a guide to about how large the animals can be. Congratulations first grade! They earned this as a class for following directions.

Thursday- Sept. 6th- The field trip that was rescheduled will take place on this day. Same guidelines as before, please bring a lunch, water bottle, and comfortable shoes. Uniforms still need to be worn, but I recommend the green tops, as we may be getting a bit dirty.

Friday 9/14-Early Dismissal at 11:30

Saturday 9/15-PTO Fall Festival