Safe Arrival Reminders and Ident-A-Kid

Good Afternoon,

This is Ted Duncan, Director of Brevard Academy.  We last week we had 99% of our students attend school and 98% of our students arrived on time.  I hope that this theme continues.  We know that kids learn best when they are at school on time.

As you may have noticed, we have spent a great deal of time and effort to make our parking lot and arrival and dismissal procedures as safe and efficient as possible.  Please follow the guidelines below to keep you, your child, and the staff safe:

When parking, use the designated parent parking areas facing the school or at the far eastern side of parking lot.
Cross only at designated crosswalks or paw prints.  Do not cross at the rocks or through traffic.
Be alert in the parking lot by putting away electronics and keeping your eyes open for pedestrians and staff.
Practice patience.  We are moving approximately 300 cars through our parking lot each morning and afternoon.  In order to do it safely, it takes a little time.
Take advantage of one of bus stops and avoid the traffic completely.  Bus routes are posted on our website.
We want to keep our kids safe.  IDENT-A-KID Safety Day is Friday, August 24.

If you have not yet returned the application form to your child’s teacher, it is not too late to participate in this very important safety program.  Simply complete your form and return it with your child by Friday morning.  If you did not receive a form or have misplaced it, extra forms are available in the office.

We would love to hear your impressions of the first five days of school.  Please email us at

Have a great rest of your afternoon.

Your children. Our mission.

Go Bulldogs!