Low-Tech No-Tech Options for Families

Low-Tech and No-Tech Ideas to Keep Young Minds Occupied:



Cloud watching
Bird watching/listening
Observe a tree, plant, or one square foot of your yard every day and record/draw your observations*
Collect natural materials and make a fairy or troll house
Paint rocks or your sidewalk with water
Star gazing
Games: freeze tag, dodge ball, balloon tennis, frisbee, water gun tag
Build a teepee or fort from sticks and a sheet
Scavenger hunt (let kids make a list of what to find, then check off as you find them)*
Nature notebook (look at stars on other entries, things to add)
Plant a seed from something you’ve eaten, like an apple or watermelon
Draw with sidewalk chalk or a rock
Play hopscotch
Have a picnic
Teach your child games you played when you were young (ex: hot potato, kick the can, monkey in the middle, tag)

Build a blanket fort
Set a goal & complete a home project
Kitchen math (measuring, fractions, temperature, using a timer)
Make dough or oobleck
Card games, or make a house of cards
Build an invention with recyclables
Go an alphabet hunt: in one room or the whole house (find an object that starts with A, then B)
Make a sentence where all words start with the same letter (go down the alphabet)
Make a shadow play
Make a sock puppet
Read a short story and act it out, or rewrite the ending
Finger painting (paints, pudding, shaving cream)
Engineering with marshmallows and toothpicks or spaghetti, or pretzel sticks and then you can eat them!
Money math (sorting, making math equations, planning budget for grocery shopping)
Look through old photo albums and discuss family history
Play charades
Play “I Spy”
Make your own memory game out of family photos
Write a letter to someone (even yourself!) and mail it out
Plan and prepare a meal together (even if it’s sandwiches!)
Indoor basketball (using a rolled up sock)
Teach yourself to knit or sew
Create “Who Am I?” cards within a category (animals, plants, famous people, teachers at BA, professions) or “Where Am I?” cards (places in the community, solar system, famous cities)