Interested in Becoming a Teacher?

The Early Education Workforce Development Grant was awarded by Governor Roy Cooper to Transylvania and Henderson County as part of a pilot. These are the only counties to receive an Early Childhood grant and we would like to see it utilized to the fullest.

Recently, Children and Family Resource Center received a grant to expand the early education workforce in Transylvania and Henderson County. As you might be aware, there is a severe shortage of early childhood education teachers. The early childhood teacher shortage has far-reaching impacts on our communities, as programs are unable to expand without staff. A lack of childcare slots means parents who might enter the workforce are unable to do so. The Workforce Development Program, funded by NC Works local innovation fund, is specifically designed to address the counties teacher shortage crisis through both the creation of a career pipeline and mentoring system to support new teachers entering the field, as well as increased training and professional development opportunities for all teachers.

Participants in the program will receive 24 hours of training including: developmentally appropriate practices, trauma/resiliency, CPR/FIRST AID, ITS/SIDS, managing challenging behaviors, and much more. In addition to the training, participants will receive guided reflective observations in various classrooms, followed by rich conversation. Once complete, participants will receive all DCDEE paperwork required for teaching in licensed programs, facilitated group coaching sessions, and will be able to sub in the classrooms.

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