A Message from the BA-CFA Board of Directors

My wife proclaimed that this picture has “everything you need” for a proper Thanksgiving table.  At first glance, you might agree.

There’s turkey, green beans, pumpkin pie and sweet potato casserole with delicious marshmallows on top.  There are placemats, plates, utensils and napkins for the inevitable gravy spills.  There’s even a cat in the background wondering how he can make a creative mess of this beautiful arrangement.

Yet, it is undoubtedly incomplete.  So…what’s wrong with this picture?  Look carefully.

The chairs are empty.  Nobody is there to express and share gratitude.  A proper Thanksgiving table requires family, friends and neighbors.  It needs a community around it to be a complete picture.  Without a community, nothing on the table really matters in the same way.

This holds true at the Brevard Academy community table.  We are family. We are friends. We are neighbors.   At a minimum, we all share the joy of calling Western North Carolina “home.”  In fact, we have a lot more in common than just our beautiful mountains.  We share “first day” jitters. We navigate the mystery of car-rider lanes and rainy bus routes.  We gather for sporting events and cheer for each other’s children.  Most important, we all choose Brevard Academy as the base camp for our children’s education.

Parents have placed their trust in Brevard Academy since 1998. Twenty years of Kindergarteners, middle-schoolers and eighth grade graduations.   A twenty-year legacy of leaders and citizens that remain part of our community.  With an eye toward the next twenty years, we must first prepare for 2019.

A key goal for 2019 is to develop our outdoor space and have our children spend more time in nature’s light.  Put simply, our children need to be outdoors as often as possible.  They need to renew their connection to the natural world.  We have a strong vision for what we call the “Outdoor Experience” at Brevard Academy.  We need your help to take the next steps toward that vision.

We will start with a covered outdoor pavilion.  It’s a simple idea, but an important part of the Outdoor Experience.   This space could fit a classroom for learning in the breeze or picnic tables for lunch in the shade.    Teachers, visitors and parents would be thankful for some shelter during the school day and at afterschool events.   These are the practical uses, but the pavilion also creates opportunities for conversations.  It would be a place to gather, swap stories and bond over the day’s events. Outdoor space like the pavilion is where children grow as individuals, develop friendships and learn to interact with members of their community. Education at Brevard Academy is not just a curriculum to be followed.  A well-rounded education requires a setting where imaginations have room to blossom.

To make this outdoor pavilion a reality, we need to raise $20,000.  It is a large goal, but very realistic if our whole community contributes.  To that end, please share this letter with anyone you believe would be willing to participate.  If every family makes a $10 monthly gift, we are at the goal line in five months.   Of course, we are grateful for every bit of generosity and any amount of support for our mission is important and appreciated.

A central part of Brevard Academy’s mission is “…to create citizens with strong moral character and active intellectual inquiry.”  We seek “to create citizens” because citizens are committed to making their communities and neighborhoods a better place to live.  Achieving this mission requires a team effort from parents, teachers, staff and students.  We must all do our part.  The success of our school and our community hinges on our individual willingness to help one another.

On behalf of the Board, teachers and staff of Brevard Academy, I invite you to the Brevard Academy community table.

I invite you to help us complete the picture.

Please click here now.

Very Respectfully,

Mark Campanini

Development Committee Chair;

Brevard Academy Board of Directors