Public Comment

Public Comment

Regular Meetings

It is a fiduciary responsibility and the intent of BA-CFA’s Board of Directors to conduct meetings in an efficient and professional manner. Therefore, as the Board of Directors conducts business at its monthly regular meeting, it must refrain from engaging in discussion with the audience. However, the Board welcomes public input and any individual may request to be included in the Public Comment segment of the agenda. Individuals who wish to address the board may sign up at Regular Board meetings at least 5 minutes prior to the open meeting start. There is a time limit of precisely (3) minutes for public comments.

Further instructions for Public Comment: Board Meeting Public Comment


Special Meetings

The Board does not hear public comments at special called meetings.
Board Committees

The purpose of Board driven committees is to enable board members and the committee members to discuss matters in greater detail than possible at the full board level. These committees often include members from multiple BA-CFA stakeholders including members of the public. If you are interested in joining a board committee please see Board Committees for more details.