Cody Jones's Biography

Hello my name is Cody Jones and I'm the Athletic Director and PE teacher at Brevard Academy going on my fourth year! In our PE class we will have many units throughout the year such as Basketball, Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Team Handball, Soccer, and many more. We will also be having Health class on every Monday. In Health class we will be covering subjects like hygiene, nutrition, stress, goal setting, and many more. We will be teaching our students life time activities to help them stay active outside of school as well as in school. These lifetime activities will help them build character, strong relationships, and teamwork skills. I have a huge passion for Health and Physical education. I think to live a truly happy and healthy lifestyle you need some kind of physical activity in your regular daily routine. "The longer you work your heart, the longer your heart will work for you."

As Athletic Director, We offer Flag Football, Cross Country,Volleyball, Men's and Women's Basketball, Soccer, and Tennis. On all of our team's we strive to help our student-athletes succeed in the classroom as well as on the playing field. 

A little about me, I grew up in Asheville, NC where I met my amazing wife Elizabeth. We have been married for 5 years now and we have one child named Ella and she was born is January. My hobbies are spending time at the lake, golf, men's softball, basketball and lifting weights. I'm a very big family person, they mean everything to me. I grew up with one full blood sister, two step-sisters, and two step-brothers. When I was a freshman in high school my mother adopted my younger brother named Evan and he has been a blessing of a younger brother to my family and I ever since. I went to high school at Enka high school in Buncombe county and then from there I went to receive my bachelors degree in Health and Physical Education from Western Carolina University. At WCU I played college Baseball for four years and it was the best experience I have ever had in athletics.