Katie Gibson's Biography

Welcome to 4th grade!

I'm Katie Gibson and will be teaching 4th grade this academic school year.

I will teach Singapore Math and CKLA to my homeroom. However, I will teach Science to all of fourth grade.

I started teaching in 2011.

I started teaching at Brevard Academy in 2015. Go Bulldogs! 

I love that the classroom brings discovery and opportunity for growth. 

I look forward to learning alongside each student and partnering with their family.



A bit about myself:

I love being with Tim, my husband. I believe that time with family is well spent.

I enjoy nature walks, coffee, handwritten cards, fresh flowers on the dinner table, and making a house a home.  

Fall is a favorite season and love the thrill and comfort of snow days.

I love animals. If I could have one super power it would be to communicate with them.