Specials Classes

Art -

The Art Program at Brevard Academy is a dynamic program that teaches not only subjects in Art History from the Core Knowledge Curriculum, but also focuses on the Elements of Art and Principles of Design, as students create original artworks in a variety of media. Students will work on a number of projects both individually and in collaboration with classmates, as they learn that the creative process can be a team effort at times. During activities, students will engage in observing and discussing selected art pieces or styles. Students will notice the Elements of Art and Principles of Design in a variety of works. Students’ creative processes will support the learning objectives and intentions of the artists. Art will increase students’ growth in logic, reasoning, and development of fine motor skills. The goal of the Brevard Academy Art program is to introduce students to a variety of styles and media so that each student can begin discovering his or her interests and strengths.



Brevard Academy music program one of the central outlets of creativity. Studies have repeatedly shown that music classes boost students’ cognitive skills and help excel at a wide range of academic achievement. Our class allows for creative fun ways to learn topics in music history, music notation, and songs related various historical times and events. We study composers from Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven, and Mussorgsky to modern composers such as Leonard Bernstein and John Williams. The music program has received many honors and awards in the last few years. Our top student band have earned awards from Carowinds Band and Chorus Festival (2013), Trills and Thrills Festival (2014), we were invited to perform a special presentation at Melody Gardens at Walt Disney World Resorts in Orlando (2015), we earned awards at Nashville’s Music City Music Festival (2016), and we earned Superior and Excellent ratings at Dollywood Music Festival and Carowind’s Music Festival (2018). Each grade level performs at least once during the school year at our Music and Arts Showcases. At this event, parents get to see you child’s progress in music as well as see their progress in Art. I’m honored to have the opportunity to craft the creativity and talents of Brevard Academy students.


Outdoor Education -

Mountain Roots Outdoor Education programs immerse students in a weekly adventure of exploring a wide variety of outdoor education topics. Our programs teach students not only how to work closely with classmates and the community, but also how to successfully and proficiently work their way through a wilderness adventure. Mountain Roots Outdoor Education programs for middle school students allow the opportunity for students to engage on a weekly basis in a better understanding of navigation (map and compass), wilderness and survival skills. By working through this progression, students are able to enhance their ability to navigate the wilderness as well as their ability to work within a group. Mountain Roots staff members are compassionate and invested in the growth of students for each student’s personal growth and the growth of the community.

Physical Education -

At Brevard Academy we have PE every day for kindergarten through 6th grade. The 7th and 8th grades go to PE at different quarters throughout the year. In PE we will be having many different activities throughout the year. We will cover many different sports to make sure everyone is splashed with a little bit of all sports. Our units include flag football, basketball, wiffle ball, handball and many more. In PE we require that everyone comes with an open mind and always having their best effort! You may not be an expert on a sport or skill but you will never know how good you can get unless you try. “You miss all of the shots you never take.”


Mountain Biking -

At Brevard Academy we offer mountain biking to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students during their PE classes during the day. The course is from Specialized Foundation and the bikes are provided by Specialized bike company. The foundation provided our school with 32 bikes to provide our kids with an amazing lifetime skill to practice and fall in love with riding. Throughout the unit we will prepare every rider for any type of riding they desire. Whether it is riding on the beautiful trails of Dupont or riding around the neighborhood. In the course they will be taught all of the components of the bike and essential skills needed while riding. We are very fortunate to have a pump track on the back of our campus, so we use all of our property for teaching different terrains. We have already had many students who had zero experience on a bike and they learned how to ride in less than two weeks! I can’t wait to see how many more success stories we have in store for the 2019 year!

Spanish -

Our Spanish communication educator, will offer seventh- and eighth-graders “Introduction to Spanish I”, a course aimed at preparing Brevard Academy graduates to excel in Spanish I in high school. The class will focus on the Sweet 16, the most common verbs in Spanish, and oral, written and reading comprehension of Spanish. Each student will draw and personify an “invisible character” that will then be used with other characters from classmates to create student-generated stories. Students will hear the stories first in English, and then again in Spanish as actors “portray” the invisible characters. Students will then read Spanish text of the same story they have already heard underneath “story boards” created by class artists that illustrate the action. Finally, students will write sentences from the same story as dictated by the instructor and then look at correct passages on the board to perfect their writing and spelling.



STEM is an acronym for: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics.

Topics in STEM are approached based on the idea that Science can be interpreted through the Engineering Design Process and the Arts, using Technology tools based in Mathematical elements.

STEM is a framework for teaching based on how subject areas relate to each other and the real world. The STEM approach allows for natural ways of learning through context; STEM provides an adaptable learning structure to scaffold students with a standards-backed, reality-based exploratory learning environment that is personally relevant.

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