AIG Program

Brevard Academy launched its AIG program in 2017 after drafting a plan that was submitted to, and approved by, the state. This plan will be revised and updated in 2019 in accordance with state requirements.

We believe that students whose mental abilities fall outside of the norm (high or low) require a specialized educational plan to support them academically as well as socially. “Gifted” students are “wired differently” and often need support in reaching their academic and intellectual potential. The “gifted” child is different from the “bright” child and may or may not show superior performance in school.

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  • All BA students are given the CogAT (Cognitive Abilities Test) in April of their 2nd grade year, after having had two years of weekly PETS (Primary Education Thinking Skills) lessons with an AIG specialist.
  • New students in grades 3-8 may be referred for testing (always in April) by teachers and/or parents, subject to review by our AIG eligibility team.
  • Students who transfer to BA, having qualified for gifted services elsewhere, must submit AIG records from their previous school. The AIG eligibility team will review the records and make a determination as to whether or not the previous school’s eligibility requirements match ours. If so, the student will begin services immediately. If not, the student will be added to the testing roster for April of that school year.

Based primarily on CogAT scores, students may qualify for gifted services in one of three ways:

  • Pathway 1: score at or above 95% on the CogAT in any one of the three areas tested (verbal, quantitative, nonverbal)
  • Pathway 2: score between 90% and 94% on the CogAT AND score at or above 90% in corresponding subject on the MAP achievement test (verbal: reading / quantitative: math)
  • Pathway 3: score at or above 85% on the nonverbal portion of the CogAT AND 90% or above on the NNAT-3 (Naglieri Nonverbal Assessment Test). Pathway 3 is also used for special cases that require consensus by AIG eligibility team.

Students who do not qualify initially are placed on a “watch list” and are monitored regularly by teachers and the AIG Eligibility Team. The CogAT can only be taken every other year.

Services Overview:

  • 1st and 2nd grades: All students receive weekly PETS (Primary Education Thinking Skills) instruction taught by a certified AIG instructor. This program nurtures our young learners and “levels the playing field” for testing in the spring of 2nd grade.
  • 3rd-7th grades: Students who qualify for AIG services receive 2-3 hours per week (usually in one “chunk”) of instruction from an AIG teacher. Students typically complete three units of study per year. These units include an emphasis on Core Knowledge literature (novels and poetry), extensions of Core Knowledge science and social studies units, and metacognitive units on creative thinking, critical thinking / logic, and multiple intelligences.
  • 8th grade: Students participate in an independent study on a topic of interest. Each 8th grade student will be assigned a mentor in that field and will meet with AIG instructors on a weekly basis throughout the year for assistance. The projects will be presented to a group of faculty and peers in the spring of 8th grade.

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