Bus Information

Dear Parents,
Thank you for using the bus service at Brevard Academy. Because our bus service is different than most traditional school bus services, it is important that you understand the process and procedures we are using to keep your children safe.

We have created a full package of material in support of our school bus program. It contains two copies of each of the following documents:
● Parent/Student Rules and Regulations Contract (Packet Item 2)
● School Bus Authorization Form (Packet Item 3)
● Parents General Guidelines (Packet Item 4)
● PM Drop Off Policies and Procedures (Packet Item 5)
● AM/PM Boarding Policy and Procedures (Packet Item 6)
● FAQ page (Packet Item 7)
● Route Schedule (full day) (Packet Item 8)
● Route Schedule (half day) (Packet Item 9)
It is very important that ALL of the material be reviewed thoroughly. We will need you to sign and return a copy of all of the documents with the exception of the route schedule. Your child(ren) must also sign the Rules and Regulations contract. You should keep one copy for your own reference.
All documents must be signed and returned to the office BEFORE your child will be allowed to ride the bus. You may drop them off at the front office or send them to school with your child. We are confident that with these procedures and policies in place, we will be able to provide a reliable, and most importantly a SAFE and SECURE bus service for your child(ren).
Please let me know if you have any questions. You may contact me via email at kbest@brevardacademy.school or by calling 828-885-2665.
Best regards,
Kimberly A. Best
Dean of Students
Updated 8/2/17 Packet Item 1


Documents may be downloaded from this page or picked up at the school office. All documents must be signed and returned to the office for approval before your child will be allowed to ride the bus.

Bus Service Welcome Letter 2017-2018PDF37.79KB

BA-CFA Bus Rider Rules Regulations Contract 2017-2018PDF201.24KB

Brevard Academy School Bus AuthorizationPDF55.54KB

BA-CFA Bus Service Parents General Guidelines 2017-2018PDF79.63KB

BA-CFA Bus Service PM Drop Off Policy and ProceduresPDF59.74KB

BA-CFA Bus Service AMPM Boarding Policy Procedures 2017-2018PDF51.34KB

BA-CFA Bus Service Frequently Asked Questions 2017-2018PDF71.42KB

Bus Schedule – Full Day Effective 8 2F18 2F17 – Sheet1 (1)-page-001JPG239.12KB

Bus Schedule – Half Day Effective 8 2F18 2F17 – Sheet1-page-001JPG242.32KB