BA-CFA School Policies

1000 Governing Principles

1010 Organization (Article I)

1020 Purpose (Article II)

1030 Members (Article III)

1110 Board of Directors (Article IV)

1120 Officers (Article VI)

1140 Board of Directors Meetings (Article V)   

1200 School Director(s) (Article VII) 

1300 Indemnification (Article VIII) 

1400 Contracts, Checks, Loans, Deposits and Gifts (Article IX) 

1500 Amendments (Article X)

2000 Board Operations 

BA-CFA 2100/2100P Grievance Policy and Procedure 

BA-CFA 2120 Code of Ethics 

BA-CFA 2121 Board Conflict of Interest 

BA-CFA 2230 Board Committees

BA-CFA 2300 Board Meetings

BA-CFA 2320 Compliance of Open Meeting Laws

BA-CFA 2321 Closed Sessions

BA-CFA 2322 Minutes

BA-CFA 2325 News Media at Board Meetings

BA-CFA 2340 Parliamentary Procedures

BA-CFA 2341 Quorum 

BA-CFA 2343 Voting Methods

BA-CFA 2400 Policy Development 

BA-CFA 2610 Legal Counsel

3000 Curriculum and Instruction 

4000 Students and Parents 

BA-CFA 4005 Confidentiality of Information 

BA-CFA 4010 Confidentiality of Student Records

BA-CFA 4100 Medication Administration Policy 

BA-CFA 4590 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) 

BA-CFA 4800 Inclement Weather Policy 

5000 Community Relations 


6000 Support Services



BA-CFA 7005 Equal Employment Opportunity 

BA-CFA 7100 Length of School Day 

BA-CFA 7300 Staff and Student Electronic Communication